DX Products in the Healthcare & Medical Industry

Silicone’s compatibility with body fluids and its strong chemical structure make it more and more popular for use in medical devices. However, medical technology places high demands on the quality, function and durability of silicone and silicone products. In order to get the component for proper medical use, it’s key to choose the proper technology to customize the silicone components.

In DX, we take benefits from our expertise in silicone production, we use silicone raw materials that comply with medical registration and use a quality management system that complies with ISO 13485. We are also developing clean rooms for the production of molded silicone parts that comply with medical regulations.

Benefits of Choosing DX Silicone

With years of industry experience and advanced technology, DX is committed to create the most reliable silicone products and meet your needs in the healthcare & medical industry.

  • High Quality Retention

    At both the production stage and quality inspection processes, we have efficient equipment and strict testing standards to ensure quality retention and stability.

    • Strict QC System
    • 100% Inspection
    • SGS Calibrated Test Capacity
  • Design Service Available

    DX is capable of providing industry design and mechanical design services to our valuable customers. All we do is to transfer your idea into a real hot sale product in the market.

    • ID/MD Design Team
    • Prototye Building in Days
    • Program Management Service
  • Assemble Service

    DX is equiped with several assemble lines to fulfill customers' demand in product assembling, packaging and other request services. DX could do more except for silicone rubber products.

    • 3 Assemble Lines Available
    • Flexible Production Line
    • Controllable Cost

With More than 30 Years' Experience

DX provides you with all-around silicone product customization services for valued customers like you.