DX Products in the Home Appliance Industry

DX’s experience in home appliance industry has been over 20 years. Our engineers are of sufficent industry experience and are capable of developing silicone parts or silicone assemblies for home appliance industry. Our customers include Groupe SEB, Calor, Philips, Tefal and so on.

Benefits of Choosing DX Silicone

With years of industry experience and advanced technology, DX is committed to create the most reliable silicone products and meet your needs in the home appliance industry.

  • Industrial Experience

    We have substantial experience in serving the home appliance industry. That's why we can prevent problems like the expansion and contraction of seals as well as other issues.

    • 20+ Years of Industrial Experience
    • Cooperation with Famous Brands
    • Appointed Program Manager
  • Tests & Certifications

    Multiple and consistent testing is key to making food-grade silicone accessories or components for the home appliance industry.

    • SGS Alligned VOC Test Result
    • Complete Set of Testers
    • Complied with ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • Cost Effective

    From material selection to the production processes, the DX team will give professional advice to reduce your costs and ensure your delivery.

    • Automation Technology
    • Efficient Production
    • Stable Delivery Time

With More than 30 Years' Experience

DX provides you with all-around silicone product customization services for valued customers like you.