Baby Bibs Made by DX

Why Choose Silicone as the Material of Baby Bibs

Thanks to its several amazing qualities, silicone is a preferred material for manufacturing baby bibs compared to other materials such as plastic and cotton. Its durability provides protection to the infant and the clothes from food and drinks, while the waterproof property makes it easy to clean. In addition, since silicone baby bibs are food-safe and BPA-free, there is no worry of any harmful effects in the user’s body.

DX – Trustworthy Silicone Baby Bib Manufacturer

As a leading baby bibs manufacturer, DX produces high-quality and cost-effective baby bibs that are easy to use, clean, and store. Understanding the sensitivity of the target market, we ensure that safety and quality is of the utmost importance in our production. Working on our ISO-9001 certified facility, we use only carefully-qualified raw materials and advanced processes to provide superior silicone baby bibs for our clients.

With More than 30 Years' Experience

DX provides you with all-around silicone product customization services for valued customers like you.