Tooling Making

DX Capabilities in Mold Making

  • Equipment
  • Tooling Service Life
  • Tooling Design
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment

    DX tooling workshop is equipped with a wide range of machining equipment such as CNC (computer numerical control) machines, EDM (electrical discharge machining) machines, milling machines, grinding machines and lathes.

  • Tooling Service Life

    Tooling service life refers mainly to the maintenance of the tooling. It is a very important issue. We guarantee not only product quality, but also the quality and stability of production tools used in our manufacturing processes.

  • Tooling Design

    DX has a dedicated tooling design team. Our tooling design comes from our control over product accuracy. It is the professional pursuit of DX designers to make high-productivity tools and then produce high-precision products.

  • Maintenance

    Easy maintenance is a major feature of our tools. DX has a dedicated tool making workshop which is ready 24 hours a day for tooling repairs and maintenance when needed.

Details of DX Tooling Making

Advantages & Benefits of DX Mold Making

  • Improve Production Efficiency
  • High Precision
  • Low Production Cost
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Designed for Special Manufacturing Requirements

How DX Mold Making Benefits You


Good tooling is the key to great silicone rubber products! Being functional is just a basic requirement for a tooling. A good tooling means far more than that. We got a tooling workshop to design our own tools for production feasibility which is a basic and significant mindset for our tooling designers. Besides, our workshop is ready 24 hours a day for tooling repairs and maintenance when needed.

Recommended Application

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