Silicone Collapsible Cups Made by DX

Why Choose Silicone as the Material of Silicone Collapsible Cups

Our silicone cups are heat and cold resistant and are excellent for hot drinks while also maintaining their temperature for a longer period. Saving up space, our cups can be collapsed when not in use due to their soft silicone structure. Compliant to ROHS standards, our collapsible cups are reusable and are a suitable replacement for disposable cups due to their eco-friendly nature.

DX – Trustworthy Silicone Collapsible Cup Manufacturer

With over 30 years of experience, our factory produces silicone collapsible cups and offer solutions that meet your market’s demands in the development of more advanced products. Trust in our quality as our collapsible cups meet food-grade standard requirements and pass ROHS, FDA, LFGB, and other certifications. In addition, our high-end liquid injection molding technology ensures quality consistance, better mechanical property, longer service life and shorter production leadtime.

With More than 30 Years' Experience

DX provides you with all-around silicone product customization services for valued customers like you.