Technology Support

Focusing on technical capabilities and constantly developing our own technical strength to improve productivity and quality is key to gaining the trust of our partners.

We Have Established a Perfect Technical Focus System

DX is willing to work hard to improve technical capabilities. Our pursuit of R&D runs through the entire process during which we serve you, and for this reason, we have established departments and teams for professional research and invention.

We focus on developing technical capabilities and strive to help our customers maximize their benefits.

ID / MD Design Team

Appearance and function are the souls of the finished silicone products. DX's ID / MD team consists of senior designers who have professional skills and experienced material knowledge and spatial imagination. We consider attractiveness, functionality, safety, material cost, manufacturability during the product development process to create best-selling products for you.


Tooling & Engineering Department

Tooling & Engineering Department is mainly responsible for mold and product development. DX's engineering team plays an important role between tooling center and production department. It is the core in DX's success in developing products with our customers.

The core philosophy of engineering team is that we always focus on better design at the very beginning of a project. We deeply understand that 80% of the cost could be cut in engineering stage.


Automation Team

The automation team was established to develop fully automated or semi-automated equipment for those products with high production volumes. Since we are designers and users, we can better develop these devices and ensure that they can effectively increase production efficiency.


Process Optimization Team

DX has a professional process optimization team to optimize the process and reduce costs. The main work of this team is the improvement and optimization of molds, production processes, and equipment. They feed information back to other departments to continuously improve our production efficiency at the technical level.


We Develop Not Only Technical Capabilities

DX's comprehensive technical capabilities have obviously helped our production, as well as our process and quality control, and allowed us to create cost-effective customized silicone products for our clients.



DX's production capacity is guaranteed by our completed infrastractural facilities and management system.

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Quality Control

Comprehensive quality management system and strict quality inspection team help us control product quality.

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With More than 30 Years' Experience

DX provides you with all-around silicone product customization services for valued customers like you.